Detachment Officers & Committee Chairman

 Sons of the American Legion

Detachment of Michigan


Commander: John Beeman

         Elected Officers:

1st Zone Commander- Greg Price

2nd Zone Commander-Todd VanDam

3rd Zone Commander- Dan Tyack

4th Zone Commander- John P. Brown

5th Zone Commander- Dennis Larson

Finance Officer- Earl Ruttkofsky

Chaplain- David Seydell

Historian- Victor Fisher

Sergeant at Arms- Seth Fisher

N.E.C.- Carvin Chapman 2022-24

Alternate N.E.C.- Mike Holley 2022-24


Past 3 Detachment Commanders;

1) Victor Fisher

2) Zack Pendell

3) Mike Holley


Appointed Officers:


Adjutant- Clive Seydell

Asst. Adjutant- William DeGroot

Asst. Sgt. at Arms- William Willey

Asst. Sgt. at Arms- Lynn Gubbe

Judge Advocate- Chris Dohnal


Appointed Chairmen:


Americanism- Steve Hamilton

American Legion Rider Chairman- Mike Globke

Awards & Trophies- Steve Loewenstein

Boys State/Youth Career Law Enf.- Mike Holley

Budget Chairman- Chris Dohnal

Charities/Commander Project- Don Vander Velde

Child Welfare- Sandy Lipman

Children & Youth- Greg Price

Constitution & Bylaws- Dominic Merlington

Education & Leadership- Skipper Townes

Emergency Relief Fund- David Seydell

Homeless Veterans- Rodney Tolbert

Legion Baseball- Gary LaMunyon

Legislative- Rodney Tolbert

Membership- Carvin Chapman

Missing In America Project- Greg Price

National Security & Foreign Rel.- David Mennell

N.E.F. Chairman- Sandy Lipman

Pin Sales- Calvin Dipazza

Media & Communications- Victor Fisher






             Appointed Officers:

Public Relations- Todd VanDam

Service Officer- Russell Bayliss

Son Of The Year- Victor  Fisher

Squadron Development- Zack Pendell

Suicide Prevention/ P.T.S.D.- Roy Willen

Time and Place- Clive Seydell

Upper Peninsula Chairman- John Pickard

Upper Peninsula Membership- Bill Germain

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation- Fred Ruttkofsky

Veterans & Children Fund- Ron Wyatt

Veteran Education & Employment- Rodney Tolbert

Wilwin Chairman- Harley (Butch) Maxwell

Wilwin Scouting Chairman- Clive Seydell

Department Liaison- Larry Money

Past National Commander:

Earl Ruttkofsky

Past Detachment Commanders:

Jack Helminski

Louis Scott

Earl Ruttkofsky

Skipper Townes

Sandy Lipman

John Kailunas

Dennis Larson

Roger Rockhold

Roger Dees

Daniel Tyack

Ron Wyatt

Randy Jackson

Andre Svacha

Greg Price

Pat Pustay

David Mennell

Rodney Tolbert

Butch Maxwell

Fred Ruttkofsky

Carvin Chapman

Dominic Merlington

Gary LaMunyon

Michael Holley

Zack Pendell

Victor Fisher