Squadron Commander Training

In any organization, it is helpful to understand the requirements of different positions.  In 2016 a series of classes were given for Son Commanders.  These are the supporting presentation material from those classes.  If you have any questions about the material please let us know we are always willing to help.

Leadership – Part 1
Public Speaking – Part 2
Legal – Part 3
Protocol – Part 4
American Legion Commander’s School – Part 5
Parliamentary Procedure – Part 6

Detachment Commander Gary LaMunyon Talks Leadership

2016 Detachment Leadership Seminar Material

Commander and Adjutant Plan Book 2018

Video Training

A conversation about running a successful squadron meeting.

A conversation about making meetings interesting.

Be Your Comrades Caddie. Increase meeting attendance with these tips.

The SAL uniform is the cap.

Why should I belong and participate in the Sons of the American Legion?

There are resources available to help Squadrons

Let’s talk about U.S. Flag Etiquette
Commander LaMunyon and PDC Merlington talk about SAL history and why they belong to the SAL.
2019 Detachment Commander LaMunyon and friends discuss their first officer positions in their squadrons.
2019 Detachment Commander LaMunyon and PDC Merlington talk about why they have themes.