Data Report Form                                                                                                                                                                    Detachment Constitution and Bylaws
Detachment Manual of Committee Purposes
Officer Eligibility Form
Officer Data Form
SAL Expense Voucher
Request Detachment Committee Appointment Form
VAVS Hospital/Medical Center Representative Certification Form

Squadron Adjutant Forms

Blank Officer List and Bond Form
SAL Member Data Form
Consolidated Squadron Report (CSR)
SAL 2022 Membership Remittance Form
How to conduct a meeting

Miscellaneous Documents
Squadron Chaplain

Squadron Chaplain Report

Detachment Convention

Detachment Convention and Standing Rules
Convention Delegate Strength
SAL Convention Contract


Son of the Year Award
Maurice L. Michael Trophy Application with sample application
Lifetime Achievement Criteria
Scrapbook Contest Rules
History Contest Rules


The American Legion has a large selection of brochures and material available for Squadrons to use to promote and learn about the programs.  There are recruiting materials, membership enhancement materials, membership training booklets, and many other resources.  The national office adds to and updates the material annually.  Be sure to visit and bookmark this valuable site.

The American Legion Publications